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Tips for Balancing Your Career and Military Relationship

Tips for Balancing Your Career and Military Relationship

Enlisting in the military is a significant milestone that often requires most of your time and attention. However, things can change once you initiate a relationship with someone. What was once complete devotion to your career now divides into two priorities as you balance work and home obligations.

Fortunately, there are ways to help bring equilibrium to your life! Here are a few tips for balancing your career and military relationship.

Leave Work at the Workplace

When balancing your career and relationship, it helps to know when to adapt a working mindset and when to leave it at the workplace.

While easier said than done for most, taking work home with you does nothing but add stress that pours into other aspects of life. When engaging with your partner, you want to be present in the moment and give them your undivided attention.

Make Decisions Together

Maintaining a relationship with someone in the Armed Forces is challenging for some, as the next moves are seldom official. While this can often lead to making difficult decisions that could change the relationship dynamic, consider approaching each situation together.

Discuss all options with your partner and ensure that your decision works well with your significant other.

Keep the Connection Strong

Dedicating a career to the military isn’t always smooth sailing for you or your partner. Deployments and permanent changes of stations can impact how feasible maintaining a military relationship can be.

But if you’re serious about your partner, why prolong tying the knot? In this case, consider a deployment marriage that allows you and your partner to formalize your relationship while overseas.

Managing work-life balance is sometimes challenging, but if you sit down early and outline your priorities, you'll be in a better position to work through obstacles. Balancing your career and military relationship isn’t something to rush, as it requires strategy and consideration so that you don't lose sight of what matters.

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