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  • What if my intended is deployed and I currently live in the United States? +

    As long as each party can complete and return the required paperwork, the double proxy marriage is an option for you!
  • What if neither of us are currently living in the United States because we are deployed in different countries? +

    As long as each party can complete and return the required paperwork, the double proxy marriage is an option for you!
  • Can I complete the forms electronically and submit them by email? +

    Some of the forms are acceptable without original signatures, however, original signatures are required on the Groom’s Affidavit, the Bride’s Affidavit, one of the Limited Attorney-Client Engagement Agreement unless notarized through a digital online notary service. All forms can be electronically submitted through email and you are suggested to keep all original documents for your records. Scans or careful pictures that are clear and large enough for print for acceptable.
  • Why don’t we get the original license right away? +

    Once the original license has been signed and returned to the Flathead County Clerk of District Court, their office is able to create certified copies. The original is retained by the Clerk of microfilming purposes. Microfilming ensures the Clerk will be able to provide certified copies in the future, if needed and it creates a permanent record of the marriage in Flathead County, Montana.
  • How long does it take to obtain the certified copies? +

    Once the original marriage license is returned to the Flathead County Clerk of District Court, we are normally able to deliver certified copies within 48 hours.
  • How long does the double proxy marriage process take? +

    After receiving the necessary, completed paperwork from you and your intended, marriage can occur within one to two weeks. We also do our best to work with time sensitive situations. Once the paperwork has been delivered to our attorney, the attorney’s office reviews and delivers the paperwork to the Flathead County Clerk of District Court within 48 hours. After the Flathead County Clerk of District Court receives the paperwork, they allow up to five business days to process the information. When A Big Sky Event receives notice that the license is ready for pick up, we retrieve the license to perform the ceremony the same day.
  • What is an Apostille? +

    An Apostille is an internationally recognized form of authentication. The sole function of the Apostille is to identify any stamp or seal affixed to an official document, certify the authenticity of the signature on the document and the capacity in which the person signing the document acted. Normally, an Apostille is only required if one of the parties is a citizen of a country other than the United States. Since the marriage was finalized in the state of Montana, an Apostille would be obtained through the Office of the Secretary of the State of Montana. A Big Sky Event can obtain the Apostille and forward it to you when it is completed.
  • Does double proxy marriage work for same sex marriages? +

    UPDATE:  As of November 19, 2014 - A Federal Judge lifted the ban on same sex marriages in the State of Montana.  Double Proxy Marriage is now an option for same sex couples!


  • Do I have to pay before I send the forms in? +

    No. We would be happy to email you and your intended the required forms. You may pay in advance, or you have the option of waiting until we have verified that all your information is complete. If you are in a financial situation in which you may need to make payments, please contact us regarding your options.
  • Does one of the parties have to be from Montana to utilize the double proxy marriage? +

    No. As long as one of the parties has an active military status, the double proxy marriage will work.
  • Does a Double Proxy Marriage work for Immigration? +

    While we are experts at completing double proxy marriages, we are not experts in immigration matters.  It is always wise to seek appropriate information from those who are familiar with immigration policy and procedure.  Please take time to review this information on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration website:  Marriage and Marital Union for Naturalization.  

    We encourage you to contact your immigration office for more information on how double proxy marriage may work for you: Contact USCIS.

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