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4 Must-Know Tips for Your New Military Relationship

4 Must-Know Tips for Your New Military Relationship

Falling in love is a giddy, confusing, and exciting experience. Falling in love with a member of the armed forces comes with a lot of extras, many of which you may not have anticipated. Learn these four must-know tips for your new military relationship.

There Are Three Parties to Your Relationship

Whether your partner is in the army, navy, air force, marines, or coast guard, one thing is certain: when they get the call, they must go. They might get up and leave in the middle of a special dinner date, a baseball game, or your company’s summer picnic. The service is part of the package, and a must-know tip for a new military relationship is to accept that there will be many occasions when your partner’s duty comes first.

Learn To Live With Alphabet Soup

There will be times when your partner seems to speak a different language. That’s because the military uses acronyms—lots of them. When your partner speaks in what sounds like shorthand, listen, but take note of the phrases you don’t understand. Then, when it’s your turn, engage in some active listening, such as “I heard you say you’re going somewhere. But what does TDY mean?”

When your partner tells you what the acronym you heard means, listen and remember it. They might get frustrated if you ask them to repeat themselves too often. There are several online sites that explain a multitude of military acronyms. Learn them so you can understand what your significant other is talking about.

Ask to Be Introduced to Friends

Our top must-know tip for military relationships is to accept that the band of brothers (and sisters) is real. Military members value their buddies and form relationships with them that endure. Be willing and enthusiastic about meeting your partner’s core group of comrades. These people are more than just friends: they could be lifesavers to your partner.

They will also likely have significant others of their own—girlfriends, boyfriends, and spouses. Those experienced in military relationships can provide support and wisdom to you as you learn the ways of military life.

Things May Move Fast

The military values direct communication and swift action; these may be features of your relationship. While it’s true that both of you can benefit from being married, don’t rush into it until you’re sure that your partner is the right person and that you can handle long periods of separation.

There are circumstances where getting married makes sense. When both of you are sure you’ve met your life’s partner, when deployment interrupts ongoing wedding plans, or when there’s an unexpected joyful event on the way, you and your partner may discuss getting married.

Armed forces proxy marriage makes it possible for couples to be united in wedlock even if one of them is deployed overseas. You can take your vows via video call or online meeting, and someone else signs the wedding certificate for the deployed partner. You can keep planning for a storybook wedding when your partner returns and readjusts to life back home. Proxy Marriage will guide you through the process and file the necessary paperwork for you.

Military relationships are different, challenging, and rewarding. Best wishes to you as you get to know your service member better!

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