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How Does Double Proxy Marriage Work?

How does the double proxy marriage work?

If you have been searching the internet for information about military double proxy marriage you probably feel a little skeptical.  Understood!  This is not a process most people have gone through or understand.

The first step is to contact us.  This can be done through our website form, "Request a Free Marriage Kit" or you can call either number listed on our site.  We will send you the appropriate and necessary forms to review with no obligation.  We realize you may still be in the research phase of this process.

If you decide military double proxy marriage is the answer for your circumstances, complete the paperwork and send it in.

It is understood that most parties will not be in the same house, city or even country when completing the documents.  it is acceptable for each party to fill out their own paperwork to send in.  We will create a file when we receive the first packet of paperwork and will email each of you to help guide you to the next step.

This may be the first time you have heard of military proxy marriage and the thought of paying online for something you can't see will sometimes give cause for hesitation.  Again, we understand and want you to be as comfortable with the military double proxy process as possible.  Payment can be made up front, or parties can wait until their paperwork has been received and reviewed before making payment.

Once payment has been received, the processing of documents is fairly rapid.  We guide you through each step by email and let you know when your documents are ready to be reviewed by our attorney.

When the marriage is complete, we send an email of congratulations.  Some parties don't want an unknown wedding date and we are able to accommodate those wishes as well.  In fact, once we receive your paperwork, you can request a specific date for your marriage.

We then return your original marriage license, which we have signed on your behalf, to the Flathead County Clerk of Court's office to obtain two certified copies.  We email a copy to you and then send our the hard copies Priority Mail.

It really is that simple!


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