Wow. It is truly difficult to put into words what Chris and April have accomplished for me my now WIFE. In one simple conversation with Chris over the phone he thoroughly answered all of my questions as well as dispelled my scam concerns. He is truly an inspirational individual and simply clear, concise but most importantly, amicable and personable. I immediately handed in all required information that day following our conversation, paid the fee, and fast forward a short week later and I am now happily married. Did I mention that both my wife and I are military and stationed in opposite ends of the United States? Did I mention that shes currently deployed over seas? Did I mention that one of us was Covid positive and losing hope in the ability get married at all given all of the circumstances?? Did i mention that we tried for months but could not accomplish it?? Did it affect the process? Absolutely not. We could not be more thankful for you Chris and April. I recommend their services to anyone who is looking for the below factors in the hopes of becoming happily married:

- Low Cost
- Effective Communication (throughout THE ENTIRE PROCESS)
- Rapid turn around marriage
- Inability to wed in person

I cannot thank you both enough. Thank you again

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