Our experience with Proxy Marriage / A Big Sky Event has been absolutely exceptional. Due to both COVID 19 outbreak and the heavily enforced travel restrictions, we (a U.S soldier and German national) unfortunately, at the time, were unable to experience a conventional wedding ceremony.

Discovering and conducting prior research, we decided to contact Proxy Marriage / A Big Sky Event. During initial contact, we were warmly welcomed by Marty Stuehler. Mr Stuehler truly and genuinely listened to our situation, introduced us to the staff and kindly informed us of the entire process.

Surprisingly, within minutes, we received a cordial and friendly welcome from April Coen. Throughout the entire process, April displayed professionalism, commitment and a natural willingness to help. Truly, April successfully honored her priority to keep us informed every step of the way.

We’re extremely blessed and thankful! Absolutely no regrets!

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