The idea of a double proxy marriage was so foreign to me and ironically I work in the bridal industry! Because of that I had a lot of questions and concerns about it, and April and her team at A Big Sky Event has been so incredibly helpful and patient from start to finish! I am one that likes to know every detail and asked a lot of questions. April was very quick and responsive to each and every question. She made sure we felt comfortable with our decision and that the paperwork was all in line. They were very professional and timely to get us married. Now double proxy marriage is the only talk about in my military group I'm in since everyone wants to be with their significant other during these times. Since I was one of the first to do it early on people are always asking me for advice about it and I automatically send them the link for A Big Sky Event. The thing I love about this double proxy marriage is since we were not physically with each other for a "traditional ceremony" it doesn't seem real (even though it is 100%!!). But it will be nice when we plan a big wedding for our friends and family in a few years everything will feel authentic. Anyways! I'm so grateful I chose this do this and especially thankful for April and everyone at A Big Sky Event for their help!

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