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Wonderful people!
  · 5 days ago.
I can't say enough good things about these people and the wonderful service they provide! Everything was done in such a timely manner and was so stress-free! I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone seeking a hassle free marriage to their enlisted significant other! April always answered my questions as quickly and as accurately as possible. I wish I could give 10+ stars!
Proxy marriage
  · 6 days ago.
I'll recommend to anyone who doesn't want to waist time doing paperwork at court house. The staff was so helpful and very friendly thanks for everything April.
We would like to give a HUGE thank you to the Coen's and all the assistance they gave us to attain our marriage certificate. This was the most fast and easiest process we could ask for. We would recommend this to everyone who needs their legal documents quick for DEERS or so on. April was so helpful and responds to all your anxious emails minutes after you send them! Thank you forever!
  · 1 months ago.
Great job April. Thanks for all your support, patience, professionalism and for how quickly you took care of our paperwork. Thanks to you and proxy marriage/ a big sky event now John and I are married! We would pick proxy marriage / a big sky event again!
Our military marriage
  · 1 months ago.
April did an excellent job in assuring that my husband and I were married quickly! My husband is active duty Air Force and is stationed overseas, while I am enlisting and leaving for Air Force basic training next week, so this option was a blessing for us. The entire process took less than 2 weeks and was so simple and free of any hassles. It was so easy and smooth enough for anyone to do! Thank you to April and a big sky event for helping my husband and I become married in such circumstances, we really can't thank you enough!!
April and her team did an amazing job. After I got all my now husbands documents in they had us married in 6 days. Im so happy to have found them, and to now be married. Thank you so much and I will be sending pictures soon. They are amazing and I recommend them to any military member looking to marry the love of their life.
The best!!!
  · 5 months ago.
April and her team were absolutely the best!! We are super stoked to have made the right choice with her double proxy marriage program! I don't know what we would have done if we had not decided to go with it. We were both unsure about it at first but then got recommended by a friend so we went with it and received the best results! Communication was on point and they guided us with precise instructions throughout the whole process which took us only about two weeks to complete! I would highly recommend this for any couple in a similar situation!

 Devan & Danny attached 1 photos.

Carlton and I both are extremely grateful for you. Words cannot express how I feel right now. Tears of joy. You help me to marry my best friend, my soul mate and the 1 guy God created just for me. Even when it got frustrating when it didn't go according to our plans, you gave us hope. For that we're forever grateful. Thanks for your services you provide to all military personnel near and far. We truly love you! God bless you and your family always!

Ps. We'll be sure to send a picture when he arrives here in Poland.

 LAKISHA MCCLENDON-KEE attached 1 photos.

Proxy marriage
  · 5 months ago.
5 stars isn't enough to rate what they've done for my husband and I. I'm so thankful for this company & everything they've done to make this possible. I honestly don't know what I would've done without them, I can't thank you enough. We didn't have to do anything but simply fill out the forms and send it after that they did all the work for us! I can't thank you enough. I couldn't be more happier!
Five stars is simply not enough for the work that April Cohen and her husband did for my husband and I. Being a dual enlisted active duty couple I never imagined getting married would be so quick and painless. Despite me being in Korea and my husband enroute back to the states at a new duty station, we were married in a week and without delay or hassle. April was amazing!!!! Every and anyone looking into this option to get married will have my 1000% recommendation! Paperwork and payment were extremely simple and she holds your hand step by step what ever you need. Communication was easy even with the time change in a different country. It was definitely a great experience and we are happy we made the choice to go with this company.
5 stars simply are not enough to describe how pleased my and my Husband are with Proxy Marriage. Both of us being in Korea, we were extremely worried about time delays, missed communications, etc. However, April and her husband were absolutely AMAZING and made what we thought would a daunting task, into one of the easiest things we've ever done! Everything was completed in what seems the blink of an eye! The paperwork is extremely easy to follow and understand also! Down to the very last detail, I can tell April and her Husband put a lot of effort, and love into this business, and it absolutely shows. I will absolutely always recommend this service to any active military families looking to make that next step in life towards making their family!

 Cory & Luciano Fraga attached 1 photos.

Great service
  · 9 months ago.
Everything about our process was simple and easy to understand. If we had any questions, we could email April and she would answer back right away. We are so excited to start this chapters of our lives together!

 Catalina Hays attached 1 photos.

Super simple
  · 9 months ago.
From start to finish they made the process very easy to understand and provided all the appropriate forms immediately. My new wife and I are very pleased with their service!
  · 10 months ago.
They were so helpful and efficient! im grateful and excited to start this new chapter of my life!
So Happy!
  · 1 years ago.
April Was Great! She Was Quick To Respond And She Provided All Of The Information Needed From Day 1 Making It All So Easy. I Am So Happy With The Services. Aside From Mailing Time And The Time It Took Me To Respond, Her End Of The Process Only Took 4 Days! I Definitely Recommend!
  · 1 years ago.
Simply amazing. I was finally able to get married to the love of my life. I'm in a different country and was still able to get married in under a month. The communications were incredible. April always responded quickly and answered any questions that I had. Would definitely recommend for anyone!
Very quick and on point! Thank you! Now I am happily married to my one and only!
great service!
  · 1 years ago.
speechless. this was the greatest thing I've ever done. the communication was so great, quick responses and very interactive. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  · 1 years ago.
I was so skeptical but I am so glad I went with this company. April was so understanding through our entire process and got everything done extremely quick as we were on a time crunch. She answered every question I had quickly and explained every step of the way what was best. I am so glad she made us comfortable and more importantly husband and wife!!
Proxy Marriage
  · 1 years ago.
I'm super pleased with proxy marriage service. April was very responsive and answered any questions I had. They guided us through the steps and made it simple. I'm thankful that I'm able to be married to my spouse finally after having to battle with how we were going to get married. Again, thank you!
Amazing Service
  · 1 years ago.
I am so pleased with Proxy Marriage!! The service, from start to finish, was impeccable. The free marriage kit came the same day, and once they received all of our completed paperwork, we were married within days. I can\'t believe how fast they were able to make it happen! The paperwork itself was explained very thoroughly, leaving no room for error. Extremely professional service and worth every penny!
I am overly pleased with how quickly everything happened. My husband and I were very excited after finding out we were married. April communicated with us about everything and all my questions were answered. I would most definitely recommend Proxy Marriage - Big Sky Event. The paperwork is easy and honestly no hassle. Thank you so much we are so blessed to have done business with you. Best Regards.
5 star service
  · 1 years ago.
These people are amazing ! April got me and my husband married within days! The process went so smooth and I couldn\'t be more happy very professional and quick worth every penny!
Seriousley what a please it was working with you!! This was done so quick, mine took just two days after they received my paperwork to complete. Thank you for making this process so easy so we will be able to enjoy our lives together sooner and not have to be seperated overseas !
They were wonderful
  · 1 years ago.
I loved how easy the process was and how quick it got done! Thank you so much for helping us out! This is a great company and I will definitely recommend it to my active duty soon to be spouses!
April was wonderful and kept us in the loop every step of the way! We just got our congratulations email a few days ago and now I'll be able to join my new hubby at the next duty station.

I'd highly recommend A Big Sky Event! Thanks for everything!
Proxy Marriage
  · 1 years ago.
You guys were so amazing and easy to work with! I want to say thank you so much for everything you did to help me and my husband David get married. The day I got the notification that we were officially married, I cried. April was emailing every step of the way and made everything super easy. I couldn't have asked for a better company to work with for this. Thank you so so much!
The big sky event staff are the most wonderful people. They are there for you every step of the way. They make you so comfortable and make the process really easy. I truly believe they are not in it for the money, and enjoy helping bring people together. April and Marty are so wonderful the whole process only took about 3 weeks. We were so frustrated with the process of getting married as a military couple. With him being overseas and me being a non American getting married on base or and getting married in my country was the longest paperwork trail you could ever imagine. We wanted to be married so I could be added to his next orders. All seemed lost when you couldn't get leave to get married in the US (the only place that would not have 6-8 months of paperwork. We are so thankful we found a big sky. We were hesitant at first thinking it would be unromantic, and just silly. It may not be romantic but the feeling of relief and happiness I have that we can be together sooner is the best feeling in the world. Now we can focus on our wedding celebration that we are having with family next summer. If you are considering proxy marriage , I would highly recommend A big Sky Event. You wont be disappointed!! Thank you Marty and April for everything you do!! Emily & Samuel
April you and your staff are amazing!!!We just found out we got married. It's the best feeling ever. We are trying to do this for almost 2 years before we found you. Thank you sooo much for making our dream possible.
We had a great experience with the excellent service April, Chris and all the staff gave us with our weadding. It has been a long road for me and my beautiful Wife Joarmayne but thanks to this great group of people we made our dream come true. There are no words that can express how grateful we are. If you are reading this and you plan to go the proxy route then look no further. First class A++++

 Edwin & Joarmayne attached 2 photos.

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